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We have produced a fantastic new product called Kolorbond Aquatek

  • Spray
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A big ask – well we have done it. We have produced a fantastic water based paint. It has a low odour & is a quick dry product, called Kolorbond Aquatek.

Kolorbond Aquatek Water-based Paint Manufacturer Exterior & Interior Coating

Kolorbond Aquatek paintWe have been receiving requests for many years for a paint that has little odour so that it can be used both internally and externally with no disruption caused by solvent smells. Kolorbond Aquatek took 5 years to develop and has definitely surpassed our greatest expectations. It is a water-based single pack coating, designed to paint PVCu, GRP Composite Doors, Hard Plastics and many different substrates including Wood and Powder Coated Metal.

Kolorbond Aquatek is formulated for easy spray application but can be also brush applied. It is designed to air dry to a hard finish and can be used in both domestic & commercial applications and refurbishment projects.

Kolorbond Aquatek :

Physical Coverage: Spray coverage @ 25µ dry film – 10 m2/litre
Pack Size: 1 litre & 5 litre
Application: Spray or Brush Application
Touch Dry:  15 – 20 minutes
Shelf life:  12 months Temperate; 6 months Tropical.
Primers:  No Primer Required
Thinners:  Thin with water or Kolorflow to assist levelling
Colour: White /Available in the full range of colours from British Standard, RAL and other international colour ranges
Odour: Virtually Odourless
Finish: Satin

Why choose Kolorbond Aquatek Water- Based Paint?

Aquatek is:

  • 5 years to develop & patented
  • Hard wearing
  • Colour fast
  • Easy to apply – brush or spray
  • Very good adhesion to many substrates  – including PVCu and GRP
  • You can even clean your equipment just using water

Guaranteed to last

When correctly applied to PVCu window frames, doors, conservatories and fascias. Kolorbond Aquatek is guaranteed* to adhere to the plastic.

* Terms Apply

Kolorbond Aquatek is a Non Toxic & Eco Friendly Paint with little Odour

Similar to other water- based paints, Kolorbond Aquatek is a non-toxic and environmentally friendly coating due to its low levels of VOCs. This means that it has lower impact and is kinder to the environment and safer for both the workers who apply it and the people arround. This is also seen as important when the paint is to be applied near to the general public such as shopping centres or other commercial applications.


Easy to Apply Water Based Paint – Brush or spray application

Kolorbond Aquatek comes ready to use (just thoroughly stir before applying) and can be both spray and brush applied, giving a long-lasting and hard colourfast finish.

It has very good adhesion to most substrates and it is suitable for wood, plastic & metal surfaces.

After use, brushes and equipment can be cleaned with just using water.

For further info on Kolorbond Aquatek’s Performance and Application Instructions check the product’s Technical Data Sheet.


Hard Wearing and Fully Tested

The finish is hard, hard-wearing and colour fast. We have tested Aquatek in simulated accelerated weathering equipment for the equivalent of 10 years – it passed with flying colours.


Suppliers and Delivery

We supply nationally! Contact us by phone or via the contact form to enquire, make purchases and payments.

Our customers include multinationals, major fabricators and manufacturers, local authorities, production companies (screen and stage), large and small decorating companies, car trimmers and of course the general public.

To order small quantities online please visit Rawlins Paints

Contact us today on +44 (0)121 326 8020 or fill out our contact form.

Technispray Kolorbond are renowned paint manufacturers specialising in coatings for plastics, especially PCVu, polyester powder coatings and flexible PVC.