KolorAll – The Paint for coating most substrates

KolorAll Single Pack Solvent Paint Manufacturers and Suppliers

The Paint for coating most substrates

  • Spray
  • Brush
  • Roller

Designed for painting most types of substrates

Kolorbond KolorAll:  A single Pack, fast drying solvent based paint

For painting machinery, agricultural and construction equipment, doors, cladding, PVCu and aluminium window frames, and much more.

Kolorbond KolorAll is a solvent based paint with excellent direct adhesion to steel, aluminium, GRP, powder coated metals etc., most hard plastics (including PVC) and most pre-painted industrial substrates.

It can be spray, brush or roller applied.

Use KolorAll to regenerate the finish to old and tired, industrial manufacturing equipment, farm machinery, metal fencing, doors, window frames and cladding.


When KolorAll was tested for spread of fire under ISO5658-2:2006 + 2011

KolorAll passed with the highest possible rating for fire spread safety, in that it did not assist the spread of fire.

Coverage etc.

KolorAll paint by KolorbondCoverage:  Approx. 8sq. metres per litre (spray) colour dependant

Pack Size: 1 and 5 litres and aerosols

Application: Spray, brush or Roller

Dust Free and touch dry: 20 min (dependant on temperature and application thickness)

Shelf Life: unlimited in sealed container. Please stir thoroughly before use

Colour: Most RAL, BS, NCS and popular colours (colour matching available)

Finish: Satin and Matt

Thinner: C702 or C600

Cleaners: Vinylkleen and Windowprep


Remove any flaking or poorly adhered existing coating and paint

Thoroughly de-grease then fully clean using Vinylkleen and Windowprep

Lightly abrade using Scotchbrite or grit paper.

Apply paint using spray, brush or roller.  Adding Kolorflow will assist a smoother finish if applying with brush or roller.

If painting over an existing coating, please test a small area first to ensure there is no reaction between coatings.

Why Choose KolorAll Paint

KolorAll is:

  • A single pack paint which can be used in most circumstances
  • Good direct adhesion to many substrates
  • Has an exceptionally good fire spread rating
  • Easy to apply by spray, brush or roller
  • Colour fast
  • Hardwearing

Suppliers and delivery

We supply nationally, directly to you: Contact by phone, email or contact form to enquire or purchase and make payment.
Our customers include, multinationals, major manufacturers, SME’s, in-house paints sprayers, on-site sprayers, local authorities and, of course, the general public.
To order small quantities, please visit Rawlins Paints.

To order small quantities online please visit Rawlins Paints


Beware of Impostors using terms such as Colorbond, Colorbonding, Colourbond and Colourbonding. If it doesn’t say Kolorbond it isn’t Kolorbond.

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