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Kolorbond is a special coating designed to paint PVCu, (uPVC), PVC and other hard plastic

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Kolorbond Original is a special coating designed to paint PVCu, (uPVC), PVC and other hard plastic such as ABS, polycarbonate, acrylic and polyester powder coatings.

Spray Paint for PVC & uPVC Windows Frames or Doors and Hard Plastics

Manufactured in the UK by Technispray Paints Ltd, Kolorbond Original is a special coating designed to paint PVCu, (UPVC), PVC and other hard plastics (not GRP) and powder-coated metals.

Kolorbond Original has been specially developed for use on windows, doors, claddings, fascias and conservatories used in new and refurbishment work in the domestic and commercial sectors of the market.

Unlike most paints for plastics which try to stick to the substrate, Kolorbond Original forms a molecular cross bond with the plastic surface.

The Kolorbond Original Paint is spray applied to create a smooth, professional and stable finish and avoid marks or uneven results caused by painting with brushes.

Kolorbond Original:

Physical Coverage:  4m2/litre or 30 m window profile (dependant on colour)
Pack Size: 1, 5 and 20 litre
Application: Conventional / airless spray or Custom Aerosol Spray
Touch Dry: 6 minutes
Shelf life: Minimum 1 year but unlimited if kept in sealed container
Primers: Not required for most substrates
Thinners: C600 but rarely required
Colour: All standard RAL & BS colours. Specialist colour matching service
Finish: Gloss, Satin or Matt

Use Kolorbond to Re-colour and Regenerate Your Damaged Frames

As well as being widely used for adding colour to new window frames, Kolorbond is widely used to re-colour and regenerate tired and damaged window frames. At Technispray we offer Spray Painting Services & On-site Painting Services and our approved on-site applicators make sure that PVCu and powder coated aluminium frames are professionally sprayed and they get an appearance and quality finish which is guaranteed*.

Suppliers and Delivery

We supply nationally! Contact us by phone or via the contact form to enquire, make purchases and payments.

Our customers include multinationals, major fabricators and manufacturers, local authorities, production companies (screen and stage), large and small decorating companies, car trimmers, and of course the general public.

To order small quantities online please visit Rawlins Paints

Why choose Kolorbond Original & Technispray Ltd

Kolorbond PVC is:

  • Available in almost any colour
  • Available in gloss, satin or matt finish
  • Available in metallic and pearlescent finishes
  • UV resistant – perfect for Conservatories and Patio Doors
  • Resistant to Abrasion – ideal for doors and window frames
  • Available in custom filled aerosols
  • Only sold as Kolorbond – we don’t make paint for anyone else

Guaranteed to last

When correctly applied to PVCu window frames, doors, conservatories and fascias. Kolorbond is guaranteed to adhere to the plastic for a minimum period of 10 years.*

*Terms apply

Kolorbond Upvc & PVC Paint Colours

To recolour and change the appearance of PVC doors & window frames, Kolorbond Original is available in all standard RAL and BS colours and most decorative colour ranges.

Additionally, we have a specialist colour matching service, second to none, that allows us to match colour systems and popular paint colours as well as non-standard colours from samples.


UV-Resistant Spray Paint for Plastic

The surface of your window profile, conservatory or door is protected from UV degradation by the application of Kolorbond which gives protection from the ultraviolet radiation of the sun. Kolorbond is extremely colour stable and resistant to UV. It is guaranteed to hold its colour, without excessive fading, for a period of 5 years*.


Non Toxic Eco Friendly Paint

Kolorbond does not contain lead, cadmium, zinc, formaldehyde or isocyanates so it has lower impact and is kinder to the environment and safer for the workers who apply it. When Kolorbond Original is dry it is inert and suitable for use on toys etc.



Beware of Impostors using terms such as Colorbond, Colorbonding, Colourbond and Colourbonding. If it doesn’t say Kolorbond it isn’t Kolorbond.

*terms apply

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