Spray Painting Services

We have been spraying new window frames, doors & conservatories since 1999 and are able to spray paint, in our factory, for most commercial and industrial  applications

Our spray facility is specially designed to handle frames and associated items up to 6 metres long and 3 metres high.

We have two enclosed spray booths which operate at constant temperature, both summer and winter, and have filtered air intakes to ensure that our work is not contaminated with dust, insects etc. We also have two forced air curing ovens operating at 45°C to ensure that all paint is fully cured and free of solvents before dispatch.

All plastic profiles are triple cleaned and masked prior to spraying. After curing in our ovens the frames are quality checked and protected against transport damage, prior to dispatch.

Spray Painting Services Kolorbond

We only use Kolorbond paint on PVCu and our work is always guaranteed. Adhesion on PVCu is guaranteed for 10 years* and colour stability is guaranteed for up to 5 years*. All of our paint colours are mixed in house. We match all major paint colour systems including RAL, BS, NCS, and most decorative and industrial colour ranges.

Technispray Kolorbond have built a reputation for quality which is second to none. We spray for customers throughout the UK who demand consistent high quality for their coloured frames and trust Technispray Kolorbond to always deliver.

* Terms Apply

Kolorbond paint is often specified by knowledgeable architects when wishing to refurbish PVCu and powder coated aluminium window frames.

We have been providing the service of applying Kolorbond for many years with proven success backed up by the coating’s adhesion and colour stability guarantees.

Through our Approved Applicator network we are able to organise the spraying of window frames and fascias on commercial premises of all sizes from small shop fronts to multi-story office blocks. We can organise the work to be carried out in the evening or during the night, if required, as is often the case with retail premises in shopping centres or on busy high streets.

Multi-story office and apartment blocks are a major part of our refurbishment work. We can organise all of the equipment and services required to carry our surface repairs and re-colouring of window frames and cladding on any size of building.

Our Kolorbond Aquatek coating allows us to paint window frames internally without the emission of solvent fumes which can cause problems in occupied buildings. Kolorbond Aquatek is also used when refurbishing retail premises where solvent fumes are not acceptable due to customer disruption and the danger of tainting foods and fabrics.

Our on-site applicators are fully insured and all work is always guaranteed.

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Technispray Kolorbond are renowned paint manufacturers specialising in coatings for plastics, especially PCVu, polyester powder coatings and flexible PVC.