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Next generation Paint for GRP, Metals, Plastics and Glass

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They said it couldn’t be done – so we went ahead and did it! We’ve formulated a unique paint for permanently coating a wide range of substrates, with all the hard-wearing, colourfast properties you expect of the Kolorbond brand.

Highly resistant to abrasion

Kolorbond K2 is based on two pack polyurethane/acrylic technology, making the finished coating highly resistant to abrasion, and other accidental damage. It is very durable, once dry, and easy to apply using any standard spray equipment, either on-site or in a manufacturing environment. Roller or brush application is also possible.

Unique paint

After much research and development, we’ve formulated a unique paint that acts as a durable, lightfast coating across a vast range of previously “un-paintable” substrates. We’ve tested and demonstrated its effectiveness in coating PVCu, GRP, mill, powder coated & anodised aluminium, stainless steel, hard plastics and even glass.

Available in an almost any colour

Like other Kolorbond products, Kolorbond K2 is available in an almost infinite spectrum of colours and we offer a full colour matching service. K2 is suitable for most light industrial applications and many substrates.

K2 Is:

  • Highly resistant to abrasion
  • Very durable, once dry
  • Easy to apply using any standard spray equipment, brush or roller
  • Durable, lightfast coating
  • Available in an almost infinite spectrum of colours
  • In most applications does not require a primer
  • NB. HSE require the use of air-fed spray masks for 2 pack paints

No primer required

In most applications, Kolorbond K2 does not require a primer and is able to be applied in a high film thickness. Most applications are possible in one stage saving substantial time compared to other coatings.

New uses and environments

We believe we’ve only begun to “scratch the surface” (something it’s very hard to do once we’ve painted it!) of the vast number of applications that our  multi-substrate paint can be used for. We welcome your enquiries and are happy to work with you to develop new uses and environments for this remarkable paint.

Suppliers and Delivery

We supply nationally! Contact us by phone or via the contact form to enquire, make purchases and payments.

Our customers include multinationals, major fabricators and manufacturers, local authorities, production companies (screen and stage), large and small decorating companies, car trimmers and of course the general public.

To order small quantities online please visit Rawlins Paints

Contact us today on +44 (0)121 326 8020 or fill out our contact form.

Technispray Kolorbond are renowned paint manufacturers specialising in coatings for plastics, especially PCVu, polyester powder coatings and flexible PVC.