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Vinylkote Formula 40 - Paint For Leather & Vinyl

Vinylkote Formula 40 is a cross between a vinyl paint and a dye. It is the ideal product for refurbishing or changing the colour of vinyl and leather upholstery both in vehicles and on furniture.

Avoid re-upholstering

Widely used for restoring older and classic car interiors to their former glory, Vinylkote avoids the need for re-upholstery, this allows the retention of original materials, saves time and, of course, expense.

Re-colour leather

As a way of re-colouring older leather, vinyl seating, furnishings, vinyl roofs, door panels, dashboards, boot interiors and other interior trims, Vinylkote is simple to apply and very effective. It is both durable and weather resistant.

Simple application

Application could not be simpler. Thoroughly clean the surface to be coated to remove any dirt, grease, polishes and lacquers. Apply Vinylkote by spray, in fine coats, until the required finish is obtained. Conventional spray equipment may be used or Vinylkote can be supplied in aerosol cans.

One litre of Vinylkote covers approximately 4 square metres.

Pre-clean products are also available to ensure that good adhesion is obtained. Vinylprep ensures that protective lacquers are removed prior to application.

Sundry Products

Vinylkote is used for

Classic Car restoration – seats, interiors, vinyl hoods and trim

Vehicle Upholstery – refurbish, customise

Commercial seating – restaurants, hotels, hospitals

Leather and vinyl furniture and upholstery - re-colour

Bolt Seating - re-colour

We match any colour

Thousands of colours are available including RAL and BS ranges. We can match any colour and gloss level to exactly that of any sample you supply.

Samples for colour matching must be clean and approximately one inch square so that we can electronically read the colour on our spectrophotometer.

Please note

Vinylkote Formula 40 is not sold under any other name.
Vinylcoat or Vinylcote are either misspellings or other products.