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London Olympics
  • London Olympics

    12th September, 2012

    Paint, Windows, Commercial

    Prior to the start of the 2012 London Olympics, Technispray Kolorbond received an urgent phone call. A major film-set production company required a special paint that could be used on very flexible clear vinyl for a major project in the Olympic Closing Ceremony . We are well known within the TV and film set companies for producing paints that will bond to both hard and flexible plastics.

    The paint required for the Olympics project had to be bright and vibrant, have excellent adhesion to soft vinyl and be totally flexible. The answer, of course, was Formula 40 Vinylkote.

    Although Vinylkote is usually seen on refurbished vehicle interiors you will also see it on TV and in films colouring vinyl constructions and props. Vinylkote is unique in that it forms a molecular bond with the vinyl so it will not flake off and is as flexible as the vinyl substrate.

    We knew that our Vinylkote paint was going to be used to decorate a large octopus but , like everyone else, we had no idea what to expect. To our surprise the giant octopus exploded from a double deck bus and was spectacular. We wonder if any of the Vinylkote was also used to refurbish the bus seats.